How a TDP Leader Illegally Grabbed the Land of Poor Freedom Fighter

Freedom fighters made a great sacrifice for the country. There are were many from Andhra Pradesh and they were later awarded lands for their service. They were grateful to the government for the gesture. But what happens when many decades later, a TDP leader tries to grab the land with fake documents?

That’s exactly what happened in Vijayawada under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu. One of the TDP MLAs, notorious for his land grabbing activities, Mr. Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao forged the document to grab5.16 acres of land in Vijayawada worth overRs. 50 crores.

The land belonged to one of the freedom fighters named Kasireddy Suryanarayana. Just because they are simple people, the TDP MLA thought it would be a piece of cake to take the land away from him.Bonda Uma did everything in his power – threat, intimidation, political power –to make the owner give the land away.

Land grabbing is nothing new as it happened very frequently during the rule of Chandrababu Naidu. The confidence and power to do of course was given the leader himself. The MLA wouldn’t have dared do it if he feared the law. Who is 420 in AP? It’s not a tough question to answer you when you read the details.

The Struggle of the Family of Kasireddy Suryanarayana

Kasireddy Suryanarayana was a freedom fighter from the Mogulrajupuram in Vijayawada. During the freedom struggle, he was jailed in Kurnool where he spent three years. After the freedom, the AP government awarded him 10.16 acres of land in 1952. He had 2 sons and the family lived in the land for years during which they sold some parts of land. In the end, they still had 5.16 acres of land. After the death of his sons, fake documents were made to claim that the land has been distributed in1983 and not in 1952.

The man behind this is none other than the TDP MLA of Vijayawada Central, Bonda Umamaheswara Rao. The land is worth 10 crores per acres, which makes the entire land worth Rs. 50 crores and more. The TDP MLA saw his chance and forged the documents with the help ofrevenue and registration officials. The fake documents stated that the both the sons of the freedom fighter had shared the land themselves. Later, it was clamed that one of sons had sold his part of the land to Abdul Mastan and Ramireddy Koteswara Rao. Later, the documents were changed again to claim that the land was then given on development to the TDP MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao’s wife Sujatha and five others.

How The Lands Were Grabbed and re-grabbed?

It is a funny story except its not if you see the length of what people can do for a piece of land. At first, the land was grabbed by Abdul Mastan and Ramireddy Koteswara Rao with fake documents. The whole matter came to light when one of the grandsons of the freedom fighter visited the land and was shocked to see it fenced. He was attached by the goons and was told that the land belonged to the MLA. Following this, the grandson, Sureshbabu filed a complaint with the police and as expected nothing happened.

He then approached the CID for help, which investigated the case and questioned Koteswara Rao. Interestingly enough, Rao denied knowing anything about the land and he not aware of the registrations that happened. Finally, the truth came out –he had gone to the sub-registrar’soffice to ask for a loan for which he had pledged the land, but he was denied any load. Later, his signature was used to forge the documents to show that the land was given for development. The CID registered a case againstMLA Bonda’s wife Sujatha, his primary associate Maganti Babu and six others.As predicted, the MLA threatened Rao with dire consequences as Rao was the chief witness in the case. Rao even sought protection from the police commissioner in 2018.

This was the culture while Chandrababu Naidu, who is 420 in AP, was the CM of the state. He and his party members were always on the news for grabbing lands left and right.

Not the First Case of Land Grabbing

Corruption was at its highest peak when Naidu was the CM of the state. This incident wasn’t the only case of land grabbing. There were many instances were TDP leaders and people associated with the CM were involved in land grabbing incident.

One such incident was the Rs. 1,00,000 Crore Massive Land Scam in Vizag. Here, the officials blamed the cyclone Hud Hud for the disappearance of one lakh land records. It was a strange claim as there was no flood during that period. All the records were forged, which is one of the reasons why the records went missing. Then there was an incident where 24,614 Acres of Inam Lands were grabbed and TDP ministers were involved in grabbing the Vizag Suburban Lands. Apparently, land grabbing was the culture the TDP was following under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu. You can read the details in the book, Chandrababu Naidu – Emperor of Corruption and decide who is 420 in AP.

The Bottomline

It will be easy to find out who is 420 in AP if you know the full details of all the land grabbing incidents that happened in the state. Chandrababu Naidu was the leader under whose leadership corruption, scams and land-grabbing thrived. He let it happen as he enjoyed the kickbacks it offered him. Who is 420 in AP? You can decide.

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