Sedition case—Chandrababu and co. continue to flog the dead horse 

Sedition case

Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu and his cronies continue to flog the dead horse making Narasapuram MP K.Raghu Rama Krishna Raju lodge complaints, write letters, serve legal notices and meet Central Government leaders to continue the vicious campaign against the,  Andhra Pradesh Government and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that have booked a sedition case against the MP. 

Though the Supreme Court has made it a condition for bail that Mr Raghu Rama Krishna Raju should take care to stay out of the press and media, Mr Chandrababu Naidu with the support of two vernacular media channels that have been booked as A2 and A3 (accused) in the sedition case are continuously putting out reports about the MP.  In the short time after being released on bail, the MP has complained to the Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the Lok Sabha speaker, the National Human Rights Commission, Parliamentary Affairs Committee and even the Telangana Government.

In every fresh complaint the MP is coming up with new reasons for why he was subjected to custodial violence. All these developments are being covered prominently by the two media channels, TV5 and ABN, that have been accused in the sedition case.

When the MP was produced in court for the first time after being arrested by the CID he simply stated that he was beaten on his legs. In subsequent versions the MP said that five well-built men wearing masks beat him on the legs while one of them sat on his chest making it very difficult to breath. MP said that he was tortured because he filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking cancellation of bail granted by the CBI court to Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. The five masked men repeatedly asked the MP from where he got the guts to file the petition to cancel bail,the MP stated. 

Changing versions

In a more recent statement the MP changed his version again saying that the CID tortured him because he refused to give the password to his smart phone which had several secrets. The MP even went to the extent of sending a legal notice to the CID Director General Sunil Kumar saying that he should handover his smart phone to the court. Legal experts say that the MP who was an accused in the case had neither the right nor the eligibility to send a legal notice to the CID. 

CID sources have revealed that the messages to the MP’s smart phone were crucial evidence in the sedition case. Talking points were sent to the MP’s phone from A2 and A3 which he used in his telecast on his YouTube channel ‘Rachchabanda’ programme as part of the conspiracy to topple the Jagan Mohan Reddy Government and promote hate amongst communities.

In a new twist former Additional Chief Secretary P V Ramesh in a tweet revealed that he and family members received Whats App messages from +91 90009 11111 which was not known to them. On inquiry it was found that the number belonged to the MP. The IAS officer posted the tweet after news about the MP’s legal notice to the CID became public. 

Letter to Governor

Yet another letter from the MP to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Biswa Bhushan Harichandan was a big surprise to all. In the letter the MP appealed to the Governor to intervene on behalf of suspended Judge Rama Krishna who was currently in the Pileru Jail. Mr Rama Krishna was arrested after he said in a public speech that he wanted to behead Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

The MP wrote to the Governor saying that Mr Rama Krishna was a diabetic and that ever since was put in jail his sugar levels were going off the charts and that he should be shifted to a hospital in Tirupati as a precaution. Intelligence sources say that the link between the MP and judge need to be thoroughly investigated. 

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