Massive Land Scams – Things That Define Chandrababu Naidu Government | The Real Who is 420 In AP


  • 50.31 acres leased at Rs. 10 Lakh a year
  • TDP Office land annual rent fixed at Rs. 1000 only
  • 15 acre land near Tirupati worth Rs. Crore sold for mere Rs. 13.80 Crore

Truly, the Chandrababu Naidu government has shattered the socio-economic conditions of the region. The state now limps to return to its normalcy. Lakhs of acres of scams have left people economically weak while the TDP leaders and benamis continue their atrocities over the people for their advantage. This, indeed, highlights the face of TDP leaders along with Chandrababu’s – the real who is 420 in AP.

The Rs. 25 Crore Gift –Mukteshwara Temple Land Grabbed

After the SadavartiChoultry lands’ successful control, the TDP leader eyed another piece of land to grab using brutal force or illegal methodologies. This was it was a 50.31 acre of land leased by the Supreme leader Chandrababu Naidu (the real face of corruption and who is 420 in AP) to one of the retired ministers.

The property was based near the Krishna river in the Krishna district. The TDP leader acquired the land on the pretext of tourism and development and received complete support from the government. The plots were forcefully acquired from the MukteshwaraSwamy temple in Mukthyala village of Jaggaypeta Mandal of Krishna district.

The Events as They Happened

The list of events was quick paced while being “commotion-free” as the matter concerned belong to a senior TDP leader. Here is the Chronology.

  • As per the official records, a total of 170 acres of agricultural land in Mukthyala and neighboring villages belonged to the BhavaniMuktheswaraSwamy temple.
  • The river in the village locates the 50.31 acres of land in question under the survey 149 and 150.
  • The shady minister proposed an application to the concerned authorities to use the land to develop a tourist resort over the land.
  • The files moved quickly due to the person in the equation.
  • However, just as the matter was about to be finalized, the news leaked in the region, and the government had to put a stay on the plans.
  • However, despite the initial hiccups, the TDP leader was able to prepare and mark the region’s boundaries and ignored the minor officials and the villagers in the region.

The 10 Lakh Debacle

In the view of progress, proposals were prepared to give 50.31 acres of land on a lease at a meagre price of Rs. 20,000 per acre per year. The sum amounts to Rs. 10 lakh per year, which was nothing compared to the actual land price. On the other hand, provisions were made to renew the contract when it expired after the lease.

The pact came in the knowledge of the villagers who opposed the land grabbing scheme. The minister already owned 200 acres of land in the region and now attempted to include the temple land under his provision. The following further degraded the party’s image in public, and hence the party had to bear the consequences.

The shady side of the then Chief Minister side was also revealed. Since then on, the minster has been acknowledged with “who is 420 in AP”. 

Playing With the Sentiments of Devotees

The corny associates of the government and the government itself ignited the young minds and ramped the good faith of the villagers in general. Slowly the word got traction, and everyone was left behind with fierce sentiments. On the other hand, the series of malpractices in the other parts of the state and the government’s monopoly made sure that Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) never come to power. The TDP leaders are ruled by power and greed, and there is no stopping to their illegal practices. They continue to play with rules, and the public in general and hence should be removed from the power at all costs.

In the light of the event, the official circles were shocked at the government’s proposal to give away temple lands to a tourist project. Items like non-vegetarian foods and alcohol, which are considered to affect the lords’ pious behavior, made its way in the region swiftly. The domestic resorts ensured that it remains in the same way as it gave the place an edge.

However, the people and the officials were left with nothing but anger and disgust against the government, and Chandrababu Naidu in particular, as the land was meant for the temple.

Concluding Remarks

The enormous power, coupled with arrogance and monopoly, has left the entire state crippled. The following scam is a minor example of how the Naidu government treated the public as disposals despite numerous warnings of the Central government. This highlights the real face of who is 420 in AP and how black days await if the atrocities continue under the Naidu regime.

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