Looting in the name of Infrastructure | Who is 420 in A.P.?

  • Estimated Cost Hiked from Rs. 809 Crores to Rs. 2,400 Crores
  • Rs. 1,590.47 Crores Swindled in the Bargain
  • Huge Kickbacks to CM and Water Resources Minister

This is one more degenerate section in the Polavaram venture. Chandrababu Naidu, who is otherwise known as who is 420 in A.P., raised the assessed expenses of Polavaram Earth-Cum-Rock-Fill (ECRF) Dam soil dike work by multiple times from Rs. 809.53 crores to over Rs. 2,400 crores. At that point, the agreement was granted to Ratna Infrastructure. This organization has a place, M.M.L Narasimha Rao, who is a nearby friend of the Water Resources Minister Devinenei Umamaheswara Rao.

  • Curiously, the work was given on a selection premise dependent on Chandrababu’s oral requests. The whole giving over of the undertaking occurred without the endorsement of either the Polavaram Project Authority (P.P.A.) or the Water Resources Department, the Finance Department. Here are some fascinating realities about this agreement.
  • According to the 2015-16 costs, the expenses of Earth-Cum-rock-Fill (ECRF) Dam were assessed at Rs. 1,417.73 Crores, out of which Rs. 608.2 crores were spent and spent and Rs. 809.53 crores yet to be paid.
  • As the ECRF Dam yet not finished, Chandrababu Naidu made a decent attempt to conceal this disappointment by declaring the fulfillment of the dam works directly after the fruition of crafted by the stomach divider, which shapes the establishment for the ECRF Dam. The CM has divulged an immense arch to praise this event.

With the giving over of ECRF Dam works to Ratna Infrastructure, all crafted by Polavaram Head Works, Transstroy accordingly kept itself to the job of a commission operator.

Tremendous payoffs

The ECRF Dam stores the water of the Polavaram venture. When water levels arrive at 194.6 TMCs, the abundance of water would be occupied into the waterway through the spillway. Two cofferdams have been implicit request to develop the C.R.F. in the three sections – 564 meter – long Gap 1, 1750 meter-long Gap 2, and 140 meter-long Gap 3 – and occupy the Godavari move through the spillway, while one cofferdam of 2,050-meter length ought to be based on the upper side, another cofferdam of 1,417-meter size would be found on the drawback of the dam. The designs were crafted as per the orders of who is 420 in A.P. and included personal welfare.

As per the 2015-16 costs, the estimation of these works was Rs. 1,417.73 crores. Effectively a measure of Rs. 462.2 crores have been spent on the development of the ECRF establishment divider. Another Rs. One hundred forty-six crore bills were guaranteed for cofferdam establishment development (stream grouting works). This implies a sum of Rs. 608.2 crores were spent on establishment work alone. The Chief Minister took payoffs from L&T – Bauer (establishment divider work) and Keller (for coffer dam-related works). In light of current circumstances, the expenses of ECRF Dam, cofferdam works, add up to just Rs. 809.53 crores. Nonetheless, the quotes were expanded three-overlap to over Rs. 2,400 crores.

L&T, Shapoorji Pallonji Out

From the outset, the Chief Minister had chosen to grant the ECRF works to L&T on the selection premise. Be that as it may, as the payoffs couldn’t be settled upon with L&T, Transstroy acquired another sub-contractual worker Shapoorji Pallonji into the image. Then, the Water Resources Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao meddled and looked for the agreement for Ratna Infrastructure, a development organization claimed by his companion M.M.L. Narasimha Rao. The pastor could effectively get the deal granted to Ratna Infrastructure once the commission rate was settled. This highlights the crony face of who is 420 in A.P.

As per the principles illustrated in the P.P.A. newspaper notice, temporary workers can’t be granted a shot at the designation premise without consent from the position. Chandrababu was very much aware of this standard as the Water Resources Department authorities educated him regarding the P.P.A. rule in a gathering. Despite having the full information, Chandrababu Naidu demanded giving over the agreement to Ratna Infrastructure on designation premise on Lump Sum (L.S.)- open strategy. Even though the CM knew that the LS-open process would engage the temporary workers to continue submitting bills for extra sums and the government would be at risk to pay, he pushed for this them he went for this new plan just for tremendous payoffs.


Sri Sadarvati Choultry was set up in Amaravati of the Guntur area before freedom by the past Amaravati Jamindar Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu. The goal of the Choultry was to give boarding office to monetarily powerless Brahmin understudies who are seeking after Vedic examinations. To meet the future needs of the establishment, he had given 471.76 sections of land, which is situated in the present rural areas of Chennai city. The terrains fall under the restrictions of Navalur, Talambur, Padur towns of Chengalpattu taluk of Kanchipuram locale, which ultimately benefited the who is 420 in A.P.

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