How Chandrababu Naidu Lost Touch with the People of AP


Chandrababu Naidu may have been a kingmaker and a king in the past, but his loss in 2019 AP election was an eye opener for various reasons. He had been one of the most prominent members of the AP politics. He was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for 14 years.He had led both undivided and divided Andhra Pradesh for a very long time. But, in the recent years and especially in his tenure as CM of new Andhra Pradesh after division of the state, him and his party have been marred with corruption charges. This had led many to mockingly ask “who is 420 in ap” and his name comes up more often than not.

Corruption was rampant during his rule and he had lost touch with what people of Andhra Pradesh wanted. His huge loss in 2019 election said the unsaid things – that people were fed up of the corruption and his politics news. Instead of focusing on what people wanted, he promised them industries, and FDA while the poor wanted better healthcare, food and better living condition.

There are many instances where people can see that Chandrababu Naidu had lost all touch with the ground reality. He ignored the wishes and needs of the people to fulfill his political aspirations including the desire to make his son his successor. It is no surprise that his name comes up every time “who is 420 in AP is mentioned.

What led to his ultimate Huge Loss in the elections?

The Amravati Controversy

The list of corruption in his tenure is endless and one of them was the Amravati land scam and controversy. It all started with the illegal land acquiring from framers and people in Amravati and nearby places. Amravati was meant to be the Capital of the new Andhra Pradesh. But the lands were purchased even before the official announcement. Chandrababu Naidu and his party men were accused of corruption via inside trading.They were accused for buying over 4,000 acres lands. Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP government acquired 33,000 acres of land from the farmers of 29 villages. This was huge and it hurt people sentiments. They became victim of politics and corruption by the TDP chief and people associated with him. His indifference towards the people of the state did him a lot of harm in regards to his political career.

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His failure to get SCS (Special Category Status)

One of the key components that led to hos downfall was his failure to get the SCS. It was a long-time demand of the people and in their eyes, Chandrababu Naidu didn’t fulfill his promise. He tried to put the blame of the BJP by accusing them of playing with the sentiments of the people of AP, but it backfired. His opposition seized the chance and made him look bad. Compared to the young opponent, Chandrababu Naidu looked like someone who couldn’t get things done. Chandrababu Naidu’s break from the oldest ally NDA didn’t do him much good.

He misunderstood the sentiments of the people by ignoring their wishes like Special Status for AP. Not just that, he failed to miserably in the Telangana election in 2018 where his party TDP just won 2 seats. His alliance with the Congress didn’t help him much. While he was focused on his political aspirations, his home state remained ignored. People were not likely to forget this and they voted for his opponents instead. His inability to know what AP people wanted ultimately led to his political downfall. People from AP and Telangana rejected his party and send clear signals that corruption and ignorance of people will not be tolerated.

Misreading the Ground Reality

Chandrababu Naidu misread the ground reality when it comes to promising people in Andhra Pradesh. After the division of the state, people wanted the government to focus on important things like food, healthcare, better jobs and living condition. Instead, Chandrababu Naidu promised them laptops, foreign investments, industries etc. This was the biggest mistake he made. He misread the ground reality as to what people of the state actually wanted. His detachment from the reality led to his huge loss on the 2019 election. And, the mounting corruption charges against him and his party didn’t do him well.

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It became apparent that he was allowing corruption in the Government while he focused on making his son his successor. Corruption became one of the key reasons why TDP lost the 2019 state election. From the land scams to IT raids, the long list of corruption did eventually lead to his loss. As his opponents accused him of allowing corruption in the government, he took the people of the state for granted. His indifference towards the wishes of people along with weak leadership may have cost him dearly.

Playing with Sentiments of The People

When nothing was left to be done, Chandrababu Naidu tried to play the Andhra Pride card just like KCR, his Telangana opponent. People in Telangana loved KCR as he delivered his promise for a new state. Chandrababu Naidu on the other hand became villain in the eyes of the people as he first supported and then opposed the formation of Telangana. He tried to portray the opposition as anti-Andhra. Even people of Andhra Pradesh living in Telangana had no issues with KCR and accepted it as a leader. Chandrababu Naidu failed to read the moods and sentiments of the people. Corruption and ignorance of the wishes of the people were perhaps the main reason why he lost. It is no surprise that his name often comes up when who is 420 in AP is mentioned.

The Bottom-line

Chandrababu Naidu in many instances ignored the wishes and needs of the people. His tolerance of corruption, ignorance of people, losing sight of ground reality and weak leadership led to the downfall of his party. Whether or not he will win the next election will be decided by people.

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