Chandrababu Naidu is the king of land grabbers 

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Beware of Chandrababu Naidu, there is nothing out of his reach, he can take away land from right under your feet. Temples will disappear, water bodies will evaporate and most of all land records will be destroyed by natural calamities. He and his party leaders grabbed lands on an unprecedented scale. 

TDP leaders grabbed 62,736 acres across the state in just four and half years when their party was in power. The value of these lands would be not less than Rs. 58,933 crore as per prevailing market value. Various intelligence and vigilance agencies in the state are going through land records and public complaints with a fine comb to bring to light such offences.

There was no one to control the grabbing of government and private lands because even the then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who dubbed himself to be honest, was involved in the encroachment and lan grabbing. The partymen encouraged by their leader’s example also used the same mode to encroach land. 

Unfortunately temple lands, tanks and lakes, i.e. irrigation land and to top it all even burial grounds were grabbed and registered in the names of their confidants. The Telugu Desam leaders targeted Dalits who eked out a living on small holdings of patta lands and deprived them of their livelihoods. 

In Amaravati region the Telugu Desam Leaders, including Mr Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh purchases lands at throw away prices before it was declared as the new capital. The term “insider trading” used in stock exchange scam was used to describe the same because the Telugu Desam Government committed several offences to ensure that the party cadres that invested in the land benefited to the maximum extent. 

 Telugu Desam leaders with the support of Mr Chandrababu Naidu indulged in a major scam in the fast developing Visakhapatnam city by destroying land records. They claimed that the land records were destroyed by the Hudhud Cyclone and encroached huge tracks of lands both government and private.

Mr Chandrababu Naidu and his men did not only grab land in the most important areas of the newly formed state, they even encroached land in every district.

Grabbed in every district 

In Srikakulam district, former Minister Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao’s relatives took procession of a granite hill in Vangara Mandal in Srikakulam district next to the Madduvalasa project. The estimated value of granite here is said to be close to Rs. 10 crore. 

Land has been encroached on a large-scale in Kovvada of Etcherla constituency represented by Mr Kala Venkatrao where a nuclear energy plant is expected to come up. TDP leaders siphoned off compensation to the extent of Rs. 9 crore in the name of their proxies.

Nearly 100 acres of government land was grabbed with fake documents. Plans were made to grab government land worth Rs. 5 crore in SM Puram Konda of Etcherla mandal.  TDP leaders also grabbed 38 acres of lands in minister K. Atchannnaidu’s constituency, Tekkali. The land is valued at Rs. 2 crore.

Former MLA’s involvement 

In East Godavari district, Kakinada City former MLA Vanmadi Kondababu prepared a plan to grab 47 acres of land worth Rs. 5 crore located at Survey No. 231 in Thoorangi near Kakinada in the name of his relatives. He helped his followers grab another piece of land belonging to the same society which was located in Survey No.230/2.In another case of three acres of assigned land in Kovvuru road, an acre of land was grabbed by the former MLA’s followers from beneficiaries by exerting pressure on them. The land was then converted into residential plots and sold off, Another 3.73 acres of land belonging to Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple at Korukunda in Rajahmundry rural has also been grabbed by TDP leaders.

In Vemagiri panchayat of Kadiyam mandal, a TDP leader started mining 80 cents of government land for gravel in Survey No. 172 claiming it to be his own. 

Muttam land grabbed

In yet another instance 410 acres belonging to the Ramachandraswamy mutt (Uttaradi Mutt) owns  in P Agraharam of Thondangi mandal in Tuni constituency was encroached by TDP leaders.

The mutt had leased out the land to local farmers for cultivation, but after bribing revenue officials, TDP leaders got these farmlands registered in the names of their family members. About 80 acres of land was registered online in the name of TDP mandal party president and his family members This land located in P Agraharam Panchayat in Survey No. 31,32,33 to 59 of Thondangi mandal as per the current market price is valued at Rs. 25 crore. 

Vizianagaram district

In Vizianagaram district huge tracks of lands belonging to the poor and even tribals have been grabbed by TDP leaders. These lands in Poosapatirega, Saluru, Nellimarla, Cheepur- upalli and Bobbili mandals have been converted into fruit orchards by the encroaches who are literally enjoying the fruits.  

In yet another mode the TDP leaders grab the land of the poor farmers get them converted and sold them for huge amounts. While the survey numbers and extent of some of the encroached plots were available there were huge bits of land that have been encroached that have still to see the day of light. 

Intelligence and vigilance agencies are working to bring to light land grabbing and encroachment in the remains ten districts. 

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