Chandrababu Naidu’s Computer Scam | State Asks Who is 420 in AP

  • Rs 10 Crores Corruption in Computer’s Purchase
  • Domination of Nomination in Handrail-Neeva Works
  • Road Projects Deplored
  • Rs. 20.05 Crores Undue Benefit to Transstroy
  • Consultant Hired and Then Ignored
  • Government Condones Poor Quality

Rs 10 Crores Corruption in Computer’s Purchase

The CAG report pointed out a huge corruption in the procurement of computers for village panchayats. The then Government has knowingly made excess payments of crores of rupees to the vendors, it said. According to the details, a tender was called for the purchase of 7,631 computers under the Rajiv Gandhi Panchayathiraj Swastikaran (RGPSA) scheme by then undivided AP government, thus highlighting the real face of who is 420 in AP. Post bifurcation, the AP government entered into an argument with the contractors in July 2014.

While the actual price of a computer, a UPS, and a printer is around Rs. 40,000, the CAG report pointed out the AP government has agreed to pay Rs. 67,213. It bought 3,869 computers by paying an additional Rs. 27,213 for each laptop, Rs. 10.68 crore in total to the contractor. The CAG report revealed that the Panchayath Raj Department does not know where the 14th Finance Commission funds and central funds for village panchayats have gone.

In the financial year 2015-16, the center had released Rs. 934 crore for12.920 village panchayats. However, the Panchayath Raj Department could not submit the details related to the usage of these funds to the central auditing body. The department has also failed to provide the expenditure details of Rs. One hundred seventy-five crores allocated by the State Government under the regime of who is 420 in AP. This irresponsible conduct of a government department came in for sharp criticism and was severely reprimanded by the national auditing body.

Domination of Nomination in Handrail-Neeva Works

The TDP government has axed the contractor of Gollapally reservoir works (which is part of the second phase of HNSS) on the pretext of execution delays. The remaining work was converted into a contract of Rs. 47.18 crores and given to a new contractor on a nomination basis. In the new agreement, the Chandrababu government has brought down the full reservoir level (FRL) from 532.20 meters to 529 meters. By bringing down the FRL by 3.2 meters, the contractor saved himself Rs. 6.47 crores. Indeed, that money shall be deposited in the state exchequer.

However, the state government has let the contractor keep the amount and thus caused a loss to the state exchequer. The CAG report highlighted this loss. The report also faulted the additional payments of Rs. 2.29 crores to the contractor of the sixth package of the HNSS second phase and Rs. 2.68 crores to the contractor of the tenth package of the same project by the who is 420 in AP.

Road Projects Deplored

The CAG has confirmed the irregularities in road construction projects. It has pointed out the inordinate delays in equipment procurement and execution of projects. The CAG team has inspected R&B headquarters and divisional offices at Vizag, Rajahmundry, Nellore, Gudur, Tirupati, Nandyal, Kurnool and Anantapur. It has audited Rs. 813.76 crores worth works in seven packages, which were taken up with the help of the World Bank.

Rs. 20.05 Crores Undue Benefit to Transstroy

The Chandrababu government had divided the Kakinada-Rajahmundry road works worth Rs. 200.54 crores and gifted them to the Transstroy, the company owned by TDP MP RayapatiSambasiva Rao, in February 2013. The tasks of both packages shall be completed by March 2016, according to the tender rules. However, Transstroy had completed only 5 % of the work at that time. This incompetence should have attracted a fine of Rs. 20.05 crores, but the company has gone unpunished thanks to the Government’s (or Chandrababu’s ) Corrupt stand, stated the CAG report.

The auditing body also objected to the Government providing the company with Rs. 30.08 crores as mobilization advance. The report also discussed the unreasonable hike of estimated costs of Kurnool-Devanakonda, Pedana-Nuzivid-Vissannapet, Mydukur-Jammalamadugu road projects, and excessive delays in the execution of these projects by who is 420 in AP.

Consultant Hired and Then Ignored

The TDP government hired a consultant to strengthen the R&B Department at the cost of Rs.5.50 crores. However, it has later escalated the fee to Rs. 9.49 crores. Despite paying such hefty amounts, the Government did not make use of his services, the CAG discovered. The audit body also pointed out that the Transportation Department had nothing to do with the development of specimen corridors, and this entire exercise was a waste of money.

Government Condones Poor Quality

The AP government had purchased coal during 2014-2016 in a frenzied manner. According to the central government rules, 70% domestic coal and 30% of imported fuel shall be used. However, AP Genco had imported coal in disproportionate quantities, most of which were of poor quality. Due to these imports, coal consumption has hit the roof. According to the CAG estimate, Genco used 86.02 lakh tons of extra coal, and as a result, its expenditure was shot up another Rs. 3, 179.32 Crore.

Concluding Remarks

The Government laws were obscured in every possible fashion to help the “who is 420 in AP” and his corny associates.

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