Appalling Governance in AP ruined the state’s economic health

Fumihiko Maki, in his Special Article, made blistering comments on the governance of AP, when Chandrababu Naidu was the CM of the state. Maki even used terms such as –too much political intervention, no ease of conducting business, and also said there was a complete lack of transparency. He went ahead and stated that the governance policies followed by the one who is 420 in APwere at their worst possible scenario.

In this article, we will highlight for you all those events that led to the destruction of Andhra Pradesh and listed it as one of the most corrupted states in the country. Continue reading to find out how Chandrababu’s government has entirely shaken the roots of AP and led the state into ruins just to satiate his and his cronies’ diabolical wishes.

Let us begin by listing all the heinous and corrupted activities conducted by the TDP government through four and a half years.

Fire Services Department and the Response to State Disaster were ignored:

The TDP government, led by Chandrababu Naidu, miserably failed in improving the Disaster Response and Fire Services of AP. The one who is 420 in APpaid no heed within his tenure to even give a glance at the Disaster Management Services lest to strengthen and modernize its equipment and facilities. By the end of July, in the year 2017, three out of five recommendations were addressed that too partially by the former CM of the state.

As per the SFAC (Standing Fire Advisory Council), the equipment and personnel of the Fire Stations weren’t in place. The department didn’t take any measures to formulate precautionary strategies to deal with emergencies. While the government only sanctioned Rs. 475.36 crores, the department required Rs. 1210.17 crores. Even in ten years, the proposition for appointing personnel and arranging groups in areas of Tirupati, Vijayawada, or Vishakapatnam wasn’t addressed.

Most of the valuable lands were allocated to NTR Trust:

The unlawful activity of allocating the lands of the Zilla Parishad to NTR Trust in the district of East Godavari took place under the leadership of Mr. Naidu. According to the rules, the lands that belong to the Mandal, Zilla, or Gram can be leased out for a maximum of three years. But, in September 2015, the norms were violated, and the NTR trust was handed over the land for 99 years of the lease. The lease amount, which was supposed to be Rs 30 lakhs, was finalized at Rs 25,000. Due to this now, the Zilla Parishad is losing lakhs of money and will continue to do so for more than 90 years now.

All the Searches executed by the Enforcement Department were a farce:

In the search operations that were executed by the Enforcement Department, several irregularities were detected that extended up to Rs 70.88 crores. About Rs. 10.37 crores were found out to be gambled in the taxation department for the non-transport vehicle, the penalty, and the quarterly tax of Rs. 6.57 crores and Rs. 1.11 crores for Haritha tax were the recorded losses. It was observed that there was a complete failure in the system of the department in recognizing the unfit vehicles.  

More than 98,006 vehicles were located without having fitness certificates. Of the total number of cases registered from April 2011 to March 2016, an overwhelming number of 5,05,353 that amounted to 24% of the total vehicles registered were related to having sound horns. The law for installing high-security number plate projects was not yet in action. Around 28,150 owners of the vehicles paid the registration fee instead of a vehicle fitness fee. Due to this, the one who is 420 in APmade provisions of losing more than Rs. 1.76 crores. Even after all mess, not a single case got registered for the project of high-security number plate.

S.P.Y Reddy made a benefit of Rs. 60 crores:

The State Government of AP worked efficiently to offer benefits to Nandyal MP S.P.Y Reddy, who changed ship from YSRCP to TDP. In a significant event, the standards of liquor production in one of the distilleries owned by S.P.Y Reddy were reduced, and even the fees were waived off. While the state was obligated to collect a massive amount of Rs.129 crores from MP Reddy, who had administered in writing that the production amount from his distillery would be around 2,000 lakh liters, later the ruling government of AP lets goes of that money.

Also, Mr. Reddy made a request to the government of the state to reduce the production amount of liquor from his distillery to 1000 lakh liters. And the government even passed the law to reduce the amount without even blinking once on the fact of carrying out unlawful activity. Further, under the leadership of the one who is 420 in AP, the government made a loss of Rs. 60 crores after the Excise Commissioner withdrew the demand notice.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the few events that we have listed here –suggest how the one who is 420 in APalong with Benamis completely ruined the state of AP. The narcissistic leader cared about no one but himself, which made Andhra Pradesh one of the states with the heaviest of debts.

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