A “Valuable Land” used for TDP Office: Major Scam by the 420 in AP

A valuable piece of land was dedicated to the making of the TDP office with an annual rent of Rs 1000, and a lease of 33 years was assigned to the party. This wasn’t it –there is also a provision of extending this lease to 99 years. The value of even 1-acre land in Vijaywada’s Autonagar is about Rs 1 crore. But, the then ruling government of Andhra Pradesh, selected the most prime location for leasing out the Land to the Telugu Desam Party. This Land was initially chosen to dedicate it to the industries, instead of under Chandrababu Naidu’s ruling it was leased out to the TDP party!

What a blunder and exploitation of property! Now we think people can understand who is 420 in AP. In the Autonagar located in Vijaywada, the Department of Water Resources had 4500 yards (93 cents) of land that was worth more than Rs 25 crore. The former city TDP president applied to acquire this Land for the party, as stated in the GO: 340 that was issued in the year 2016 in July.

Devineni Umamaheshwara Rao was the Minister of Water resources then who responded quite promptly to this application issued by the party president and later cleared the proposal too. Further, the IT Minister of the state, Nara Lokesh, laid the foundation of the party office building proposal.

3.35 acres of land in Amaravati:

Now, let us talk about the land encroachment frauds that have taken place in the state capital Amaravati. Several properties that were worth crores of rupees were given as gifts to the ruling party in exchange for the nominal price value. About 3.35 acres of land that was of good value to the government located in Amatkur village of the Mangalagiri Mandal of Guntur district was given away for the TDP office’s construction.

The collector of the Guntur district forwarded the application that Atmakur TDP leaders had submitted to the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA). The APLMA (Andhra Pradesh Land Management Authority) that functions under the supervision of CCLA examined the proposal and further moved it for the approval of the AP government. This shouldn’t come across to you as a shocker that Chandrababu Naidu’s government gladly approved of the proposal after he –who is 420 in AP would take such gaffe decisions!

Thus, the party backed up by the former CM was able to acquire more than four acres of Land without even putting much effort into it. This would be further added to the list of the lands that were allocated to the state government, which were later grabbed by the ministers by presenting fake documents.

Lands worth 13.80 crores were given as gifts to the TDP leaders:

The state government didn’t stop after leasing out valuable Land to its party at merely Rs 1000 to be paid annually. It started giving out valuable Land that belonged to the government indiscriminately to its leaders all across the state. Chandrababu Naidu’s government gave away an expensive piece of Land to Koduri Balasubramanyam, the then vice-president of TDP for the construction of Elite Super-Specialty Hospital.

The government further directed the district authorities to assign lands to the vice-president within the Tirupati limits that were worth more than Rs 15 crore, which was given away for Rs 1.20 crore. The Special Chief Secretary of the Revenue Department, Dr. Manmohan Singh, had issued the GO MS: 226 on 23rd May 2018.

Are the TDP leaders Ministers or Lobbyists?

Karakambadi is located between Mangalam and Tirupati on the highway adjacent to the Amararaja Factory, where a piece of land was allotted to the government. The government that was ruled by Chandrababu Naidu decided to allocate 15 acres of Land here for the establishment of 500-bedded Elite Super Specialty Hospital. Although the then government formed by TDP had made claims about the Land being valued at Rs 35 lakh per acre, the actual price is no less than Rs 1 crore.

Later, Dr. Balasubramanyam lobbied along with the minister Amarnath Reddy and Nara Lokesh to grab this allotted Land to him at the lowest price possible. And he was successful in his attempt by paying only Rs 8 lakh per acre. Due to which 15 acres of property near Tirupati limits were given out for Rs 1.20 crore. This allotment later created a lot of resentment within the party as news spread like wildfire that the bigwigs of the TDP government had received major kickbacks by conducting this sordid affair.

Bottom Line:

When the survey of the Land near Tirupati Limits was conducted, it was quite explicitly mentioned that the Land should be utilized within three years, and the groundwater resources should not be disturbed in any way. It was also stated that the Land should be used for the purpose of which it was initially sanctioned. Yet, Chandrababu Naidu’s government decided that those instructions weren’t worth paying any heed to and did whatever they were going on doing from the very beginning of their governance period. The Who is 420 in AP is no one but Chandrababu Naidu, and that is pretty evident by now!  

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